What is the best mouthwash?

This a great question. If you want the best mouthwash and you are mainly looking for something to freshen your breath almost any mouthwash will do the trick. If you are more interested in improving or maintaining the condition of you oral health or even your health in general – well that’s another matter.


What is the problem?

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There are approximately 800 species of bacteria in the oral cavity. And that’s only the bacteria! When you include other microorganisms such as yeasts, spores, fungi, and even viruses and protozoa; well, you can see there is quite a collection of what is often referred to as “germs” in there.


Where do they come from?

We can start with water, food, and air. Other people, places, and surfaces are other common instances where such microorganisms are transmitted to you through your mouth and nose and even your eyes. We can’t stop eating, drinking and breathing, so what is the best thing to do?


Use the Best Mouthwash!

According to many studies antiseptic/antimicrobial mouth rinses have equal or greater efficiency in controlling gum disease than does the use of dental floss. This makes sense! Most people would agree that you can’t effectively remove bacteria, or any other microorganism, with dental floss any more than you could by flossing an infected finger. The same goes for brushing your teeth. They are valuable aspects of oral health care. They remove debris from your teeth, but neither will remove a significant amount of bacteria. That’s where the antimicrobial/antiseptic mouth rinse comes in.

Liquids can reach areas where tooth brushes and dental floss can’t go. When you combine that with antiseptic/antimicrobial action, then you have what is probably the best approach to getting and keeping optimal oral health! Especially when used in combination with brushing, flossing, and going to your dentist on a regular basis for cleanings and checkups.

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