1. How do you describe the active ingredient in your products?

The active ingredient, PAC5® is a safe, non-toxic antimicrobial technology which is not an antibiotic or oxidizing agent. All the ingredients are listed on the label of each product.

2. Are your products FDA-approved?

EXXCL products are U.S. FDA-compliant.

3. What is the shelf life of your products?

We recommend that our products be used within 18 months, although they remain effective beyond that period of time.

4. Are there any special storage requirements?

Storage under normal ambient temperatures like those found in a dental office or home is fine. Do not refrigerate any EXXCL products.

5. Can I simply use EXXCL Oral Clear Mouthwash™ to maintain healthy gums but continue to brush with my usual toothpaste?

We recommend using EXXCL Oral Blue Toothpaste because it also contains PAC5®, our infection-fighting formula.

6. What about regular mouthwash? Aren’t some of those antibacterial?

Yes, nearly all of the commercially-available mouthwashes are antibacterial to some degree. But none has any significant effect on biofilms, which constitute the vast majority of chronic oral infections, such as biofilm plaque. PAC5®, the active ingredient in all EXXCL products, not only kills the microbes that cause biofilm infections, it penetrates the biofilm mass, kills the inhabitants, and removes the biofilm mass from the structure to which it is attached.

7. My dentist used EXXCL products to address my periodontal issue, but it was ineffective?

There are a number of intraoral disorders not caused by bacterial infection, which should be considered in this instance. A patient should also be evaluated for systemic disorders which can affect gum health.