About Us

Our Mission

Biofilm Innovations, Inc., is committed to advancing personal and public health and wellness by investigating the possible development of non-invasive, safe products and processes, utilizing PAC5®technology for medical, dental, veterinarian, and industrial applications.


Biofilm Innovations, Inc., was co-founded by Dr. Lawrence A. Funt and his son, L. Andrew Funt, President and CEO, in 1999, following their discovery of PAC5® (originally known as Formula A), a unique antimicrobial formulation that, studies have shown, kills biofilm, the known cause of dental infection.

Dr. Funt, a Bethesda, Maryland, orthodontist, received his degree from Georgetown University School of Dentistry and specialized in orthodontics. He was also a pioneer in the “trigger point” method of treating myofascial pain and authored the textbook, “Anatomy of a Headache,” a review of myofascial pain and dysfunction and its treatment, published in 1999.

PAC5® was used to develop a line of oral care products, marketed as EXXCL Oral Blue™, which includes an Oral Irrigant, a Toothpaste, and a Foamer bottle used to fill a 2 mm Bioplast perio-appliance (made in-house or by a dental laboratory) with Oral Irrigant.

Toxicology studies and ingredient content were reviewed by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, and EXXCL Oral Blue™ products were determined to be FDA compliant.

EXXCL Oral Blue™ products, initially marketed to select dental practices, are now sold nationally and internationally.

The company has now developed an all-natural mouthwash containing PAC5®, EXXCL Oral Clear,™ for the consumer market.

Leadership Team

  • L. Andrew Funt, President and CEO. Andy is the co-founder of Biofilm Innovations, Inc.. His in-depth knowledge of biofilms and association with Montana State University’s Center for Biofilm Engineering led to further research of PAC5® at the University of Southern California and a study commissioned by US Army Combat Casualty Care. He has continued to research markets for EXXCL products and to investigate potential applications for PAC5® technology.
  • Sarah M. Funt, Executive Vice President. With 30 years of extensive marketing and sales experience, and exceptional communication and negotiating skills, Sarah collaborates on the business and contractual segments of each company endeavor.
  • Patricia S. (Kaplan) Gallagher, Vice President. Pat manages business operations and oversees programmatic and organizational functions of the company. She was formerly manager of the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s wellness program and was instrumental in the development, implementation, and operation of the NRC’s agency-wide employee health and assistance services.