What are Gums?

Gums are the areas in the mouth from which the teeth protrude. They are also referred to as the gingiva. Healthy gums are pink and keep the teeth tightly anchored, covering the entire root of the tooth. They do not bleed when brushed or flossed.

What Are Gums Made Of?

The gums are made of tissue that is covered with the oral mucosa, a mucous membrane that keeps the mouth clean and protects it from germs and injury.

Other gum tissue includes the periodontal ligament, or periodontal membrane, which helps the gums adhere to the teeth. The area in the gums in which the teeth sit is called the alveolar process and socket.

All of the gum tissues together are called the periodontium. Strong gums allow our teeth to do their heavy work of biting into and chewing our food.