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  People Believe in the Therapeutic Benefits of EXXCL Oral Blue®.
Just Look At What They’re Saying.


“Over the several years I have been using EXXCL, with good cooperatiion from patients.  Their gum disease and sensitivity have been greatly decreased or eliminated.  The addition of rolex replica the foaming EXXCL has been wonderful for long-term perio treatment, and has consistently given good results along with our conventional root planing and scaling.?/span>

Walter Tipton, DDS, Jefferson City TN

“A patient presented after hours with grey-blue-black edematous cellulitis involving #9, with marked bone loss, on Thanksgiving Eve.  EOB was syringed into the wound site.  As the purulent exudate exited, the tissue color turned to a vibrantly healthy pink, as I watched in amazement.  This was accomplished without anesthesia and without discomfort.  The patient called me the following Monday, exclaiming I had saved her Thanksgiving.  The tooth is still viable over five years later, even though the patient doesn't diligently follow suggested home care protocol.

”Over the past decade, none of my patients have experienced any dry sockets post- surgically since we have syringed EOB into the wound sites following all extractions.  Many of the patients and/or their extraction sites were compromised prior to surgery."

Lon Lawrenz, DDS, Tempe AZ

“The patient presented over 5 years ago, with severe periodontal issues.  She had severe bone loss, heavy hemorrhaging and some mobility, especially upper anterior.  She had been warned of her situation by previous dentists; however, she did not want to seek treatment from a periodontist.  She was told that her only other  alternative was to have her teeth extracted and replaced with full dentures.  We did four quadrants of root planing and delivered EOB appliances. She has been wearing them nightly for the past 5 years.  Her pocket depths have improved.  Most of her 5mm pockets have improved to 3-4mm.  There is no mobility, firm tissue tone, and minimal bleeding.  My patient definitely loves her EOB!?/p>

Buddy M. Murrary, DDS, Vallejo CA

“I am amazed at the virtual 100% stoppage of replica watches the ravages of periodontitis! One patient from New York has had 20 years of perio treatment in NY and Chicago without measurable improvement. Now he is going to keep his remaining teeth. I honestly believe you have given me a new lease on dental life ?a whole new point of view. Thank you, thank you.?/p>

Paul Keener, DDS, Westminster, MD

“Periodontal disease and gingivitis are rampant in this neck of the woods. Wow are they backing off now! In the past I thought these problems were difficult to treat and pernicious. Now they’re as easy to treat as doing a set of models. Pyorrhea sees EOB coming and runs. I’ve never seen anything like it. Teeth that were 4+ mobility are standing at attention at 1, and smiling. The teeth in Texas within my reach are happy!?/p>

Sidney J. Fowler, DDS, Nacogdoches TX

“Thank you, thank you, thank you! There is now a great future ahead for me at 67. I’m no longer thinking of retiring to God’s waiting room.?/p>

Al Calaway, DDS, Bethesda, MD


Tony Patterson, DDS, Lancaster, PA

“I spent some time reflecting on this past year, and for the first time I had to consider the vast changes in my career. Wow! I believe that you should enjoy your work. Well, this year I had a blast. The stress and frustration from not being able to help my compromised patients with their periodontal problems has virtually been eliminated.

“I have been a hygienist for almost nineteen years. In that time I have attended numerous seminars regarding optimum dental health and how to help my patients achieve this goal. But I have never before felt compelled to write a letter and thank anyone personally for the impact these changes have had on my life.?/p>

Karen Kosters, RDH, Chicago, IL

“Nothing is more frustrating than to have a patient return time and time again, despite your best efforts, with bleeding points, swollen and inflamed tissue, and deeper pockets. With EOB, tissue tightens. Swelling is eliminated or noticeably diminished, and bleeding points are eliminated quickly and stay gone. Tissue is healthier. By the second appointment, calculus seems to be softened ?it’s easier to instrument. The scaler “slides?on the tooth.

“I like to come to work with EOB as a standard of care. I see big changes and I’m involved with them. I see people getting healthier. I see people liking the way their mouth feels. I like to note these changes and I document what I see. Something good is happening here and now.?/p>

Carol Water, RDH, Marquette, MI

”All of our patients on EOB improved their health. It is amazing how a severely compromised tooth practically reestablishes its function to almost 100%. Patients are desperate from poor results of previous painful periodontal treatment, yet they want to keep their teeth. They try EOB as a last alternative. In a brief period of time they see their health improve and their attitudes quickly change.

“EOB has radically changed the way I do treatment plans and how I care for patients. Not only with problematic periodontitis but also endodontics, prosthodontics, and oral surgery cases. It has changed the character of my practice.?/p>

Octavio Romero, DDS, Nacogdoches, TX



Dear Dr. Yee,
“Thank you for providing me with the option of improving my gum health using EXXCL Oral Blue® rinse.  I have been impressed with your ongoing commitment to excellence and innovation in dentistry since my first visit to your office in 1993. Your foresight in becoming involved with the EXXCL program of gum treatment has been of considerable benefit to me this year.

“Over the past four months of thrice-daily use, my gum pockets have decreased from four and five millimeters to two, including those troublesome back molars! My gums no longer bleed when I floss and brush, nor when you probe the pockets. Instead they look pink and healthy and compliment my newly straightened teeth. What an incredible result!
“As a former dental fear patient, and an adult orthodontics patient over the past two years, I approach my choice of dentist and dental treatment options with considerable care. My experience working with you and your staff during the past eight years bears witness to the value of such care. You select and train excellent office staff, and together with them, you create the most pleasant atmosphere possible in dentistry. I frequently refer my friends and family to your office (and in this case, to your treatment option). Kudos to you and your team, Dr. Yee! Keep up the great work?/p>

Gerianne, M., Ph.D, San Francisco, CA

“Wow! Today I saw Dr. Bonofiglo and when he probed my teeth, I couldn’t even feel it. I didn’t realize that a patient wasn’t supposed to feel the probe. It is truly amazing how strong my gums seemed. It was like they were almost stiff. I notice that my gums are not bleeding as much and are not as red. I also notice that in the morning my teeth do not ache. I have noticed a stronger feeling to my teeth. My front teeth do not feel as though they might fall out if I bite into something. They just feel stronger.?/p>

Angela T., Grand Rapids, Michigan

“Dr. Lawrenz asked me to write a short story about my teeth and gums. I’ve not cared for them as well as I should have in the last few years. With young children, there hasn’t been a lot of money to spend on extras. In the last year or so, I started to notice my gums bled easily and it seemed I got a lot of mouth sores where my inside cheeks meet my lower jaw bone. I even had trouble eating some foods, spicy and hard things.?/p>

“My wife made an appointment for me to see Dr. Lawrenz. Dr. Lawrenz’s assistants took some x-rays and he looked at my teeth and gums. He asked me if my mouth hurt and I told him it sure did. He talked about this medicine that a dentist out east had made. He told me he wanted me to try it for a week to see if it worked for me. He sounded so excited and I hoped he was right. I followed his instructions pretty much and my mouth felt better very soon. I saw Dr. Lawrenz about two weeks later. He took more pictures. He showed me the before and after ones and I sure was surprised. That EOB stuff is real great.?/p>

T.C., Tempe, Arizona

“When I first learned that I had periodontal disease, I was horrified that someone like myself could let a disease like this sneak up on me.  Dr. Cavanaugh and his staff explained this disease to me but that did not give me answers how to cure it. I went through several scalings and root planings.  Actisite was placed on my problem areas. Nothing was working. I then saw a periodontist. He first explained to me that I was using the incorrect toothbrush and that he could have my pocketing cleared up in six months but I would need to have bone grafting. He also explained that the surgery mighty not be successful and that more than one surgery might be necessary over the years. I left his office feeling totally dejected.?/p>

“Then, EOB came into my life. In six weeks time the bleeding was completely gone. Within three months of using this product I was showing pink and healthy gum tissues. Over a period of six months my 8mm and 6mm pockets became 2mm pockets. I am on maintenance now and the sensitivity I have always felt is gone. I can comfortably have my teeth cleaned without jumping every time cold water is sprayed into my mouth. I tell Dr. Cavanaugh that I will never stop using this product. I will be walking into his office when I am 80 years old and using a cane to get around.?

Pat K., Chicago, Illinois