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How do you describe the active ingredient in your products?

The active ingredient, PAC5, is a safe, non-toxic antimicrobial technology which is not an antibiotic or an oxidizing agent. All the ingredients are listed on the label of each product. EXXCL Oral Blue® products are U.S. FDA-compliant, and there are no unusual restrictions placed on the sale of EXXCL products by FDA.

What is the shelf life of your products?

We recommend that our products be used within 18 months, although they remain effective beyond that period of time.

Are there any special storage requirements?

Storage under normal ambient temperatures like those found in a dental office or home is fine. Do not refrigerate any EXXCL Oral Blue® products.

Can my patients simply use EXXCL Oral Blue® Irrigant and continue to use their usual toothpaste?

We recommend that patients use only EXXCL Oral Blue® Toothpaste because it has the same infection-fighting active ingredient, PAC5, as the Oral Irrigant.

What about regular mouthwash? Aren’t some of those antibacterial?

Yes, nearly all of the commercially available mouthwashes are antibacterial to some degree. But none has any significant effect on biofilms, which constitute the vast majority of chronic oral infections. EXXCL Oral Blue® not only kills the microbes that cause biofilm infections, it penetrates the biofilm mass, kills the inhabitants, and removes the biofilm mass from the structure to which it is attached.

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    “Wow! Today I saw Dr. Bonofiglo and when he probed my teeth, I couldn’t even feel it. I didn’t realize that a patient wasn’t supposed to feel the probe. It is truly amazing how strong my gums seemed. It was like they were almost stiff. I notice that my gums are not bleeding as much and are not as red. I also notice that in the morning my teeth do not ache. I have noticed a stronger feeling to my teeth. My front teeth do not feel as though they might fall out if I bite into something. They just feel stronger.?/span>

Angela T.
Grand Rapids, Michigan