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  About Biofilm Innovations Group, LLC

Founded in 1998 by Lawrence A. Funt, DDS, MSD, and L. Andrew Funt, President and CEO, Biofilm Innovations Group, LLC, was originally established to address the dry mouth condition of Xerostomia. An antimicrobial solution was developed to provide the oral moisture lacking in Xerostomia sufferers Not only did this product alleviate dry mouth, its non-toxic therapeutic properties were found to address numerous intraoral maladies, as well, without pain or risk to the patient.

Biofilm Innovations Group incorporated this unique technology into a product, under the brand name EXXCL Oral Blue®. It was introduced to a select group of dental professionals across the country, who hailed it as a significant advance in the control of intraoral disease. Over the years, this easy and non-invasive approach to periodontal disease and bleeding gums has revitalized numerous dental practices and brought pain relief to countless patients.

Today, Biofilm Innovations Group offers a selection of distinctive oral care products under the EXXCL Oral Blue® brand. The company is constantly researching and developing a wide-range of applications for our innovative non-toxic technology, to further our goal of advancing both individual and public health and wellness.



“EOB has radically changed the way I do treatment plans and how I care for patients. Not only with problematic periodontitis but also endodontics, prosthodontics, and oral surgery cases. It has changed the character of my practice.”

Octavio Romero, DDS
Nacogdoches, TX