The #1 Antibacterial Bleeding Gum Fighter Mouthwash now available

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Do you from bleeding gums?

Give EXXCL Oral Clear a try...


Over 20 years
in Oral Health

Our professional products have been in use by dental professionals & hygienists for 20 years.


Unique Active Ingredient: PAC5

PAC5 is key ingredient, based on chemistry found in beets and coconuts.



Research studies show PAC5 kills biofilm plaque.


Dental Professionals

Dental professionals and hygienists who know how to beat bleeding gums use mouthwash and toothpaste with PAC5.


Only Mouthwash on Market With PAC5

No other brands are using PAC5. We’re not your ordinary mouthwash.


Money Back Guarantee

If you use the entire bottle and are not satisfied, mail it back to us empty for a full refund.

EXXCL Oral Blue & EXXCL Oral Clear are not designed to treat, cure, diagnose, or prevent any disease.

What Are Saying


Six weeks after starting to use Exxcl Oral Blue, the bleeding (from periodontal disease) was completely gone. Within three months of using this product I was showing pink and healthy gum tissues. 

- Pat K.

Chicago, Illinois


Just a note to thank you for providing me with EXXCL mouthwash. I rinsed as instructed and, in very short order, the infection was gone. I mean in just a couple of days it was gone—completely like it never happened. Never would I have thought that two separate bouts of gum inflammation would be cured by using EXXCL. Amazing!

- Carl K.

Bethesda, Maryland


I have had a problem with bleeding gums for most of the last 20 years. I began using EXXCL Oral Blue approximately three years ago. To my amazement, not only did my mouth ulcers clear up, but I began to notice a decrease in the amount of blood on my toothbrush. Very quickly, with daily use of Exxcl Oral Blue, the bleeding stopped entirely and has not been a problem since.

- June W.

Sebring, Florida


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